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Flathead Valley Music of Makako
Mako Gallery

You're My Only Love
Hanalei Moon
Vayo Con Dios
Mary In The Morning
Turn Around
Leaving On A Jet Plane
Green Green Grass Of Home
Jamaica Farewell
For The Good Times
Girl With The Light Brown Hair
Is There Some Little Thing
Yellow Bird
Beach Song

Music is a big part of Masako’s life. Starting around age thirteen, she found herself being heavily influenced by her musician brother and began playing the guitar and singing. All these years later, she is still at it!

Masako’s newest CD, You’re My Only Love, is currently being offered free of charge with any art purchase in the Gallery. Although Masako considers her music a mere hobby, I think you will be pleased at what you hear! Try listening to some of the selections listed on the left*. Enjoy!

*requires Microsoft Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player is free and downloadable at the following link:

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